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FLARE ISPCS display and launch
Written by Thomas   
Sunday, 31 October 2010 00:00

On October 18, 2010 FLARE members Russell Payne, Dave Kovar, Gloria Kindig, Arthur Kindig, Thomas Kindig, James Basler, Joe Pfeiffer, Eric Yaryan, and volunteer Gregory Shervanick put up a display at the forum, and later conducted a Launch event for 2700 students teachers and other spectators.

The event display was set up near the north entrance of the Pan Am Center at New Mexico State University. We entertained several thousand visitors with our display of Scale and Sport model rockets along with informational panels and posters. Dave's classic 1/100 scale Saturn V, complete with launch tower, headed up the display. As always we were treated warmly by the conference sponsors and guests.

Following the conference presentations the two thousand seven hundred students were guided out the south entrance and conducted to our customary launch site, just north west of the Aggie Memorial stadium. We had never seen this many students in one place before, and they were charged up and ready for a show. The launch field was standing room only.

With expert field support from Russell Payne, Eric Yaryan, and Arthur Kindig, Thomas and Gloria performed static fire demonstrations of A, D, and F motors. We then launched three rockets.

Photo by Todd Dickson, The Bulletin

We launched a Qwest Payloader One with an A8-6, A scratch built TARC style rocket on an F39T-8, and another heavier TARC style rocket with an F42-8. Cheering on this scale is a sound we will not soon forget.

This was our first test of the new FLARE public address setup. It was loud and clear, but this was a rock concert crowd for which we could not possibly have prepared. The students wrapped around our launch stands on three sides, and extended all of the way across the north east end of the field. The press took up the fourth side. We were happy to see that the teachers kept everything well in hand.

When we started arranging our support the the Forum this year, we had no way of knowing how many Middle School students would be coming. As it turned out, Students from Middle and High Schools representing Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Deming, Hatch, Truth or Consequences, Anthony, and Chaparral joined the event. This may have been some sort of record for a demonstration launch!

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FLARE Sport rocket launch at 9:00 am on Saturday, February 3rd at the Waterfalls Launch site. The business meeting will follow at 11:30 at Los Compass on Commerce drive.

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High Power Rocket launch at the SMRA Launch Site in Alamogordo on Saturday, February 17. The launch begins at 9:00 and ends when we run out of motors or fair wind conditions.


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