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All launch activities are subject to weather conditions. NAR and TRA safety codes are strictly observed. Launch activities may only be conducted in the presence of a Range Safety Officer (RSO) of a sponsoring NAR or TRA organization in order to assure compliance with insurance regulations and safety rules.

FAA Class 1 Rocket launches

Waterfalls Launch Site

Due to proximity to I25 we limit flights to FAA Class 1 rockets with up to "H" motors, to 3000' AGL. The area is nominally White Sands Missile Range airspace, so special arrangements must be made for any launch which might exceed 3000' AGL.

FAA Class 2, 3 Rocket launches

SMRA Launch Site, Alamogordo

The SMRA launch site enjoys the friendly airspace environment of Holloman Air Force base. As long as they are not conducting training flights, we benefit from clear airspace and a go for it attitude from flight control. SMRA has standing clearance to launch FAA Class 2 rockets up to 12,686' AGL. Permission is secured with Holloman AFB prior to each launch day.

If you wish to launch higher than 12,686' AGL, or your rocket is FAA Class 3 rocket, then the FAA must receive an individual waiver request at least 45 days before the launch, and Tripoli Las Cruces must approve the launch at least 6 days in advance. Contact us and we can help you with the FAA and Tripoli forms. The RSO must secure authorization from HAFB flight control before each launch.

West Mesa Launch Site

TRA Research and Class 3 launches are best conducted at our West Mesa launch site. We have FAA authorization up to 75k ft AGL. Flights above 18k ft AGL require approval from Tropoli Las Cruces at least 6 days in advance, and a higher FAA authorization at least 45 days in advance. When we contact the FAA we can ensure the NOTAM is set high enough for your flight. For Class 3 rockets the FAA must receive an individual waiver request at least 45 days before the launch. Contact us and we can help you with the FAA and Tripoli forms. The RSO must contact the FAA for authorization before each launch over 18k ft AGL.

West Mesa launch activities are conducted on BLM lands. The BLM has stated we can launch at this location under their "casual use" designation so long as we do not collect a fee. FAA Class 1 Rocket launches are also permitted at the HPR launch events, subject to the rules announced for the launch. Some launches may be designated as Tripoli (TRA) Research, and restricted to TRA members and guests.

For more information regarding FAA Waivers for Class 2 and Class 3 rockets, see:



Upcoming Events

Sport Launch

FLARE Sport rocket launch at 9:00 am on Saturday, January 6 at the Waterfalls Launch site. The business meeting will follow at 11:30 at Los Compass on Commerce drive.

HPR Launch

High Power Rocket launch at the SMRA Launch Site in Alamogordo on Saturday, January 20. The launch begins at 9:00 and ends when we run out of motors or fair wind conditions.


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