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Maps & Directions

Launch Site

The NSL 2010 launch site is located 2 miles west/northwest of Alamogordo, NM, one hour from Las Cruces, NM via US-70 and 1.5 hours from El Paso, TX via US-54.

Launch SiteThe NAR-insured site is located on land adjacent to the Veterans Memorial Park and is owned by Al Ward. The land is primarily low desert scrub with visibility for miles in all directions. The facilities have been developed over the years to include permanent shade structures for rocket prep and the range head. Left-right pad banks at both modroc and HPR distances are marked and numbered. A permanent raised observation platform is also located at the range, but will have limited access due to liability concerns during NSL 2010. A developed site for R/C planes is about 2000 feet from the rocket launch area, but usage during the event will be coordinated with their club members.

The FAA waiver for the location is 12,686 feet AGL. The closest occupied buildings are 1.5 miles from the launch site with the exception of one home occupied by the Mesa Verde Ranch manager which is about 0.5 miles from the pads. Due to this limitation, the maximum altitude at the main pads is 5200 feet. A secondary pad location is used for high altitude flights and for rockets with L motors (complex K) and above, and allows flights up to 7000 feet. A third pad location is available for M and N motors and allows flights up to 6500 feet.

Launch Site

Here is a map of the area which shows how to get to the launch site.

PDF of Launch Site

PDF map of the Launch Site


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