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>> The 2010 National Sport Launch <<



June 8th - According to our launch records 77 Fliers completed 372 flights.

NSL 2010 Fun Contests

Jon M. Bertka, NAR 84874 L3

NSL 2010 offered 3 “fun” contests.  “Paper Helicopter Group Payload Duration”, “Centennial Challenge”, and  the “Sierra Blanca or Bust” competitions.  The “Paper Helicopter Group Payload Duration” competition was held three times during the three days of NSL 2010 with winners declared for each session.  The other 2 competitions were held throughout NSL 2010 with one winner crowned for each contest at the end of NSL 2010.

 The “Paper Helicopter Group Payload Duration” competition involved each participant constructing a paper helicopter using a provided template.  The helicopters would then be launched en masse aboard a payload rocket and released at apogee.  The person whose helicopter stayed aloft the longest was the winner for that session.  Joe Morgan, Thomas Kindig, and Michael Lauria were the winners.

 The “Centennial Challenge” contest was open to participants whose rocket entry was greater than 100” in length and whose total motor(s) did not exceed 100 NS.  Participants were split into two groups; “Under 18”, and “18 and over”.  The longest duration flight for each group was declared the winner.  The champion of the “Under 18” group was Matthew Holland, while James W. Basler walked away with the title for the “18 and over” group.

 Unlike the two previous contests, “Sierra Blanca or Bust” was an altitude competition that was not your standard, Plain Jane, run-of-the-mill variety.  Rocketeers needed to make at least two flights with same rocket and same motor class.  The sum of the altitudes of the flights would be added to the field elevation (4314 ft) and the closest competitor to the 12,003 ft target (the height of nearby Sierra Blanca) without going over was declared the winner.  If the altitudes exceeded 12,003 ft the altitude of the last flight would be deducted from the first flight.  All contestants had to use a commercially available altimeter and be registered as NAR or TRA level 1 or higher.  Sawyer Miller took top honors. 

Centennial Challenge flights: 
Stephen Witherspoon, "Flouro-cent", G53-7J, DQ-shred, no time recorded
Jon Berka, "Cuda Stretch", G40-7, 101 inches, DQ-shred, no time recorded

Sawyer Miller, "G Superroc", G40-7, DQ-shred/ejection during boost, 29.07 and 30.09 seconds recorded anyway
Matthew Holland, "Big Tex", G40-7, 114.7 and 114.83 recorded times (not written as 1:14.07 or 1:14.83, so assuming actual time was 1:54 -- 114 seconds -- rather than 1:14)
Lee James, "Thunderbird G", 108", 3 x E9-6, DQ - shred/unstable(?), 50.14 and 50.42 seconds recorded anyway

Jim W. Basler, "Centennial Rocket", G33-5J, 2:49.40 and 2:50.17 recorded times

Sierra Blanca or Bust Challenge flights:
Sawyer Miller, "Duraexcell", I59WN, 4,728 ft

Sawyer Miller, "Duraexcell", I600R, 3,055 ft. 
Preliminary score: 4,314' base field elevation + 4,728' + 3,055' = 12,097'
12,097' > 12,003' (height of Sierra Blanca), = drop second flight from score
Revised score: 4,728' + 3,055' = 7,783'

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Aerial view of launch site
"MECO Booster sep", a still extracted from video showing the prep area,
check-in tables, and launch control. —Annette Sostarich, Tucson.

June 6th - I had the pleasure of attending the NAR National Sport Launch last weekend, run by Jim Basler and the FLARE and SMRA NAR sections at a huge launch site just outside Alamogordo, NM. Jim and his team did a great job organizing and running the launch, and Dave Kovar did a spectacular job lining up tours and special events involving the many space-related sites around Alamogordo including the White Sands Missile Range, the NM Museum of Space History, Holloman AFB, and the National Solar Observatory. It is always fun for me to meet NAR members from other parts of the US and see where and how they fly, and the sightseeing aspect of this particular event was the best of any NAR national event I've ever been to.

Thanks to Jim Basler and his team of New Mexico NAR members for stepping forward to take their turn serving their fellow NAR members by putting on a well-organized and very enjoyable NAR national event.

Trip Barber
NAR 4322
NAR President


May 25th, view or print the Welcome packet for the 2010 National Sport Launch.

Wondering about your stay at the launch site? See Weather and apparel.

Your shot at L1 certification for free! Michael Maur of FLARE is offering a mix of ten Skidmark and Metalstorm motors for people who wish to fly their L1 Certification flight at the NSL. Read more here. "One of my special projects for NSL 2010 in New Mexico is to get ten new certified L1 fliers during the 3 day launch," wrote Maurer in his announcement. "I call it '10 in 2010'."

May 16 - Early registration is closed. You will still be able to register in person during all three days of the launch, but you will not be able to sign up for the Friday dinner or tours. T-shirts will also be for sale at the launch.

Run-down of attendance from early registrations:

We have just uploaded a PDF map of the Launch Site.

This event is open to the public, there is no admission charge for spectators, and NAR membership is not required in order to launch. 

FlisKits TartarWe are pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with Fliskits to offer an official NSL 2010 commemorative kit. The kit will be a sport scale model of the Tartar missile, predecessor to the Navy’s similar-appearing medium-range Standard missile and one of the many rockets and missiles that were test launched at White Sands Missile Range. The kit will be 21.69" tall and 1.6" diameter (T60 airframe) and fly on B or higher 18mm motors. A prototype has been built and test launched, and judging by the pictures sent by Jim Flis this is going to be a cool addition to the fleet of anyone who enjoys scale and sport scale model rockets.

Also, we will be initiating the revival of Fliskits’ and The Rocketry Forum’s Tour de Deuce. Originating in Florida in 2003, the Tour de Deuce is a cooperative project among readers of The Rocketry Forum (where the idea was born) to launch a traveling pair of Fliskits’ “Deuce’s Wild” rockets in all 50 states. The tour stalled three-quarters of the way through its mission in August 2008 at LDRS 27 in Kansas, but is now looking to get back on track with a high-profile jump start.



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